We are a customer-centric company. Our ideology is to deliver our products that consistently keep up high quality and build a healthy relationship with our customers. At Mangalam Metal Corporation, all products are subject to strict supervision at each production chain, right from purchasing the raw materials to dispatching products. All the processes undergo inspections for conformity to ASTM, ASME, MSS, and JIS codes and standards.

Raw material testing

Raw material testing is very crucial for ensuring the safety, quality, and efficiency of the metals. At Mangalam Metal Corporation, we test the chemical and mechanical properties of all the pipe fittings, flanges, valves, pipes, tubes, and other products during the manufacturing process. We follow all the protocols laid down by the Government to manufacture the metal products.

Dimensional inspection

Dimensional Inspection helps an individual to compare the actual conditions of the manufactured parts of the metal formed with the blueprints designed by the engineer. At Mangalam Metal Corporation, we check all flanges and pipe fittings for dimensional accuracy at each supply chain.

Material traceability

Material Traceability helps us trace the historical data of the materials used in the given products, from the processing to the finishing stage. During the heating process, it ascertains the capability of the finished products with the destructive test results performed on materials with the same ingot.

In house testing option hydro test up to 15000 psi

All the metal products, including pipes, tubes, pipe fittings, flanges, fasteners, etc., are tested at a static pressure for a predetermined period.

Some special test on request of clints :-

On special request, we test compressors, threaded pipe fittings, and valves. We conduct Pneumatic tests precisely at an air pressure of 150 psi and a nitrogen pressure of 2000 psi.

We carry out these tests only after drying the items, followed by hydro testing.

Also, on special request, we can offer you Helium Gas Test (HG-TEST)

We conduct special tests for pressure cycles for all pipe fittings, flanges, and valves, where pressure surges up to 5000 psi. We carry these testing at the rate of 25 to 45 cycles per minute with the digital counter.

We conduct tests for all pipe fittings, flanges, and valves for one complete cycle of 4 hours. All tests are subject to Hydro, Pneumatic, and Pressure cycles, where the temperature ranges from cryogenic to 350-Degree C.

All these tests will be certified by our Quality Control department.

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